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Company History

For more than 40 years the real estate firm of Bruntons has played a major part in the commercial and residential property market of Hamilton.

Originally established as Brunton Patton on April 01, 1971 with Barry Brunton and Eddie Patton as co-directors, the company began operating from offices in a rented cottage in Ulster Street on the northern edge of the growing city's central business district. From 1983 to 1987 the business occupied offices at 840 Victoria Street before moving to the company's present location on the corner of Victoria and Knox Streets on December 1, 1987.

Mr Patton specialised in residential sales, while Mr Brunton became involved in the building and sales of numerous commercial developments. This latter operation became the main income earner for the company for some years, with developments all over the city into the greater Waikato. By the time the company had moved to their current premises, Mr Patton had retired and it was named Bruntons.

Mr Bruntons wife, Maureen, was closely involved with the business, working in a number of special commercial projects with her husband, and although the couple have been formally retired from the business for more than a decade, they continue to dabble in its operation from time to time.

In 2000 in response to the differeing customers needs the brokerage and corporate property management were moved into a new vehicle and now trade as Colliers International. Residential property management was and is now the sole focus of what today trades as Bruntons Property Solutions Ltd - Bruntons, with Christine Brunton as general manager. Both companies share premises and key personnel.

Our Team

Christine Brunton - Director

As general manager of Bruntons Property Solutions Ltd, Christine has her finger right on the pulse of the property market in Hamilton and throughout the Waikato. For more than 20 years she has been professionally involved in Real Estate, but the industry is in her blood as the original Brunton Patton real estate business was started by her father in 1971, making Bruntons Property Solutions one of Hamilton's longest established real estate firms. As well as an Associate Member of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (AREINZ), Christine is a chartered accountant.

The skills and the people

Who better to ensure the total management, or to discuss any matters concerning property ownership, than the head of the biggest multi disciplined real estate business in the Waikato? Christine, with a highly experienced staff of more than 20 to assist, has enormous skills and understanding of all facets of property management, and has a strong belief in building Bruntons Property Solutions to provide every client with the best possible service.

David Bourke - Property Manager

Residential Property Management
David has wide practical skills in building maintenance. He understands the rental property market in detail, knows appropriate rental charges, and is skilled in obtaining proper credit checks on prospective tenants. He regularly works face to face with both owners and tenants and resolves issues before they become problems.

Protecting your property
Residential property management is a full time job, needing a range of expertise and skill. David handles it all;

  • Appraising properties for rental
  • Providing package deals for groups of properties
  • Locating and vetting good tenants
  • Carrying out credit checks
  • Checking references, ID and application forms
  • Conducting before, during and final property inspections.

David makes sure your property makes a good return

Peter Davie - Facilities Management

Facilities Management
For over 15 years Peter has had almost daily face to face contact with business owners around the Waikato, the last 10 years at Colliers, based in Hamilton. Working with both large building complexes and also small single building owners, he has a detailed understanding of the complex issues involved in managing commercial properties.

Handling the issues
IQP Registered and with special skills in creating close working relationships with both building tenants and owners, Peter ensures that commercial building assets are cared for and maintained. His work includes;

  • Regular and careful maintenance
  • Compliance and issuing of building WOF's
  • Coordinating repair and maintenance
  • Establishing longer term maintenance plans and seeing that they are carried out

Geoff Felton- Body Corporate Property Management

After more than 30 years working with body corporates, Geoff has a rich knowledge of how such organisations operate, the pitfalls they face and how they successfully run for the benefit of the individuals involved. Geoff has seen the body corporate industry grow substantially in the Waikato region. His skills and understanding have grown with it.

Solving Management Problems
With his background in law as well as real estate, Geoff has the ability to look at both property management and body corporate problems objectively and logically. While acting very much on behalf of building owners, he is also available to ensure tenant's rights and requirements are catered to. His work includes;

  • All leasing arrangements
  • Ensuring statutory compliance for buildings
  • Organising rent reviews and lease renewals
  • Advising owners of property issues
  • Monthly accounting and annual reconciliations

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