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Bruntons Property Solutions - Residential Property Management

The team at Bruntons Property Solutions have extensive knowledge of rental property management, and assisting potential owners find suitable investments throughout Hamilton. We have established a wide range of clientele, and a detailed knowledge of how to handle tenancy issues before they become problems.

Residential Property Management requires a special kind of talent and understanding to ensure properties are looked after, and that requirements of owners are adhered to. Our team knows how to do it all.

Our team delivers our clients a superior management service which allows owners a hassle-free investment so they can concentrate on what they do best.

  • Appraising properties for rental
  • Locating and obtaining suitable tenants
  • Conducting credit checks
  • Checking references, ID and application forms
  • Conducting before, during and final property inspections
  • Attending to ongoing maintenance in consultation with owners
  • Recommending maintenance programs as required
  • Following up on arrears and other tenant issues
  • Providing package deals for groups of properties

  • Make certain your property is safe and well maintained through regular inspections
  • Ensure tenants are managed professionally to complete the obligations in their tenancy agreement.
  • Ensure day to day maintenance is properly carried out
  • Quickly locate high quality tenants
  • Provide good technical expertise through a wide range of personnel
  • Provide regular financial reporting
  • Attend to after-hours maintenance issues and tenancy issues and deal with them promptly

  • Highly qualified staff
  • Focused professional management
  • Day to day maintenance is carried out properly
  • Problems are sorted rapidly
  • Complete professional care
  • Good technical expertise
  • Constant communication
  • High level of experience

  • Management of commercial buildings
  • Sale and leasing of commercial retail or industrial buildings
  • Valuations of commercial buildings for mortgage purposes, rental or insurance purposes
  • Body Corporate or Unit Title service
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